Glad tidings O stranger!


By Umm Haneef


“Islam started as a strange thing and it would go back to being strange just as it started. And give glad tidings to the strangers” (Hadeeth)

When the word stranger is mentioned, what comes to mind is a person who acts differently from a specific group of people, kind of like the Muslims in this era. When you dress modestly as a sister; you’re a stranger, when you grow your beard; you’re a stranger.

Then again, when we think of the reward that awaits us, we’ll realize that being a stranger is not bad Afterall. This world in its entirety is small compared to the Hereafter, and everything of enjoyment is just but a passing deception.
The people we should take as role models are the Companions of the prophet (SAW) who lived exceptionary lives and did not care to be called strangers because they undertood the value of being called a stranger if only it meant them being able to attain the glad tidings of Jannah!

These are people we should try to emulate. Remain firm if you are called a stranger, for verily, glad tidings are yours if Allah wills.


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