Aisha Bint Abubakar



By Umm Haneef {a deensister}

A long time ago, a baby was born into a very pious household. She grew up to become a role model for women throughout time and most of her positive virtues resulted from being around influential people during her formative years. This lady was no other than the most beloved of the Prophet (SAW) and his wife Aisha bint Abu-Bakr. She was the daughter of his best friend Abu-Bakr Sadiq.


Aisha (R.A) was born into a Muslim household to Abu-bakr Sadiq and Umm Rooman. Aisha (R.A) was very intelligent, softhearted, charitable, modest and pious. Aisha joined the household of the prophet (SAW) when she was 9 years old. Unlike the claims of the enemies of Islam, there was nothing wrong with the age difference between them at that time. We have to realize that in that era, it was quite normal, had it been unusual, the Mushriks (pagans) of Makka would have been the first to criticize the marriage. The marriage between the two was a very happy one. Hence Aisha (R.A) joined the rank of the “Umm Muuminun” (Mothers of the believers).

So today In Shaa Allah, I just want to share a few amazing incidents that depict the unique personality of this remarkable lady.

As a young girl, Aisha (R.A) loved playing with dolls. Once the prophet (SAW) visited her father and saw her playing with a winged horse she was barely 5years old at that time. He (SAW) asked her what it was and she replied it was a horse. He smiled and answered that horses didn’t have wings. She promptly retorted that the horses of prophet Sulaiman (AS) had wings. This incident goes a long way to show us how intelligent she was on religious and historic matters at such a young age. She had a very sharp memory that never seemed to fail her. After her marriage to Muhammad (SAW), Aisha (R.A) continued to learn so much from him and even after his death, she continued to exert important influence on the development of Islam and impact knowledge. She has narrated over 2000 Ahadith of the prophet (SAW). Most companions asked for her opinions regarding the finer aspects of the deen and during the reigns of the Kulafaur Rashiduun, her fatawas were accepted.

Aisha (R.A) was very generous and kindhearted. She gave out everything she had to the poor and needy even if it meant her not having anything to break her fast with. Once her sister’s son Abdullah bin Zubair whom she loved dearly remarked that her generosity needed to be restrained. Aisha (R.A) got very upset and swore never to speak to him. When she calmed down, she made up with him and had to free several slaves as a penance for breaking her oath.

Aisha (R.A) was also very tender-hearted and she easily broke into tears. Once a beggar came to her with her two children and Aisha (R.A) had only three dates in the house so she gave one to each of them. One of the children finished his share and started looking at her eating her share. The woman could not bear her child’s hunger so she removed hers from her mouth and broke it into two and gave each to her children. When Aisha (R.A) saw this, she couldn’t control her tears. 

Aisha (R.A) was also a modest woman. Her high level of Modesty (Haya’a) is in itself a marvel. As we all know, the Prophet (SAW) was buried in her apartment. Abubakr was also buried next to his beloved friend(SAW) after his  death, Aisha (R.A) said she used to enter the room with her normal clothing as it was her father and her husband that were buried there. After Umar bin khattab’s death, he was buried next to Abubakr as he had requested. Aisha (R.A) said after Umar was buried there, she never entered that room except with her hijab. She was so modest that she was shy of a man that had died and was buried.

These are just a few incidents that tell us how this amazing lady led her life. She neither lived in a big mansion nor did she possess so much wealth, but still Aishah [ra] is proof that a woman can be superior to a man in knowledge and in piety and there is no such thing in Islam that all men are better than all women or as some people think, that women are deficient, no. Aishah [ra], she was a proof who lived in this world, that a woman can reach the highest levels of scholarship, she can be extremely pious, she can play a role in politics, and she can be remembered as a righteous Muslim for all time after her.


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