Love and Hate


“An amazing report by Ibn ‘Umar (ra) : “”By Allah, if I were to give all my wealth – mountains and mountains of it – in the Path of Allah; and if I were to pray all night never to sleep; and if I were to fast all day never to break my fast; then thereafter I met Allah (swt) on the Day of Resurrection while I had still left out loving a person of goodness and hating the people of badness (for what they do) and not having made friends with Muslimeen; then I would still be afraid that Allah would throw me on my face into the fire.””

What does this mean? You can be the most pious of worshippers, taking care of all your personal ‘ibaadah, but if you hate the people of belief…! Then rest assured that Allah will not look upon you favorably. Allahu Akbar.”


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