It is Just you.



When I feel I’m breaking down, and it becomes harder for me to pick up the fallen pieces,

You always bless me with that person, who would stand by me and help me fix what was broken in me.

When I feel my limbs so weak, and I fear I would never stand again,

You always send me that  person, who would pick me up from where I fell.

Just when I begin to feel no one understands me, you send someone with the same situation as I, who reminds me that you should I turn to for my steps to be guided.

Every day you set forth reminders, for me, to remind me, that you would always guide my steps, as long as I don’t turn away from you, and as long as I don’t loose hope in you.

So I would strive, every step of the way, to attain your pleasure, and to be honoured to be amongst those servants to whom it would be said:

“O reassured soul, return to your lord, well pleased- and pleasing (to Him), And enter among My (righteous) servants, And enter My paradise.” {Q89:27-30}


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