The shroud


Written by *Ruqayyah Umar*

Lonely the nights
alone I stay
miseries of life won’t go away tears falling down
Tears of pain,
Remember me now a burning tree! How can I be
how can I live
how can I feel this emptiness?
Its killing my dreams
It cuts me so deep,
there’s nothing in me than bitterness!
Do you have to show your whole body or dress in transparent or tight fitting clothing to prove that you are liberated?
what is life?
What is the reason we live and die?


Where is the clown to make me laugh
where are the drums to make me dance!
Why does it hurt to feel a lifeless human!
Sisters,why would we allow our burial shrouds be the first time we cover our whole body?
Looking through lives,
we learn lessons,
why would you and I be used as lessons to those who don’t do that which our religion has made mandatory on us!
Come to think about it!
You and I can be the worlds best model in Jannah,
In the eyes of our Lord and also in the eyes of he alone who is ment to forever gaze at that which you conceal under that bogus hijab and gain reward for what he sees! It burns me with rage
whenever I storm the streets and see the way my fellow sisters dress!
My sister, remember that no mascara,powder,lipstick,eyeliner,and eye shadow would be worn on you when you’re wrapped in the shroud
THE WHITE SHROUD is what I want you to remember all the days of your lives!


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