Let it go, oh heart.


Written by Bint Salih



With shaky hands and a heart heavy,
with this pen have I decided to let go.
Let go of all the burden with which my
heart I have depressed.
For every moment I thought it was most
difficult to forgive, and for every wrong I
have held on to, on this day have I
decided to ease my heart of the burden,
for this burden affects none but me.
For every moment that my words or
actions have depressed a heart, sincere
forgiveness do I earnestly ask.
Now that I have asked for forgiveness
from man, I seek forgiveness from The
Lord of mankind, for every moment that I
have turned to His creation instead of
Him. But then, I turn to Him in gratitude,
for everytime I am hurt by man, He
reminds me that had I turned to Him, I
would have saved my heart from the
pain. So yes, every pain is a reminder to
turn back to The Lord of the worlds.
I seek forgiveness from my Lord, for
every time I raised and turned my head
in pride, and every time I’ve let my ego
get the best of me. But then, I turn to
Him filled with gratitude, for He has
shown in people what is in me, as a
reflection, so that I may see and ponder,
and know to change my ways from
wrong to right.
Finally, I seek forgiveness from my most
merciful Lord, for everything I am unable
to mention, for He knows better than I
do what I am most in need of.
Now, with hands steady and heart as
light as a feather, I thank you O my
Merciful Lord, for bestowing upon me the
ability to let go. For the ability to
breathe, for I once felt suffocated and
now the air feels fresher and my lungs
feel fuller.
Now I pray for steadfastness and a heart
that never looses direction. I pray that
You be my Guide and my helper, for
surely, If I have you, then I have
everything I need.

First published on bintsaalih.blogspot.com


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