Seeking Ilm is the way to go, knowledge is power, not just for show.
How is it that we know nothing about our final abode?
Where we will remain forever, never will it go. Indulge in anything that our heart desires… Execeptional..
Expect it all.
But really though?
Why is that we grew up being scared of it all?
No one never told us about the beauty of Jannah before.
Never even knew of Jannatul Firdaus.
So how are we expected to desire that which we do not know of?
Lemme tell you ’bout it all.
It’s a garden beneath which rivers flow.
Rivers of wine, honey and milk, just so, you know.
It’s a garden of bliss.
Tranquility that’s impossible to dismiss.
Completely contrary to that in the pits.
Of Jahannam, so let’s avoid this.
Now let’s talk about the width. The distance between two grades out of a hundred, is that of the distance between the heavens and the earth.
If we were to speak of the value of this reward, none of us would be worth-y, to enter a garden so great, granted from His mercy.
You get me? A goal so big that it’s worth this life journey.
A reward for each, male or female, treated equally.
But not in the same manner, for the men Allah created hooris.
Untouched, fair females created by the One and Only
Women made of sapphire to please thee. If she were to spit into the oceans, the waters would taste sweet.
Mouth like honey, when she speaks.
Voluptuous and child-free. Restraining their glances, big eyes, so  enchanting. Eggs well preserved.
Like nothing you’ve ever observed, so brothers you should be thanking.
Now time for the Muslim sister, you didn’t think Allah would forget ya? Did ya?
Your reward will be that too, unimaginable.
However our reward is inapplicable.
Allah does not tell us precisely.
It is said out of sheer modesty.
We are not told exactly.
But it’ll definitely be, something beyond satisfactory.
Palaces and palm trees. Drinking wine and parties.
Fruits which hang low, on trees they will grow, thereof you will eat, no hardships, just ease.
No more slander or pain, views of Allah’s face.
This is a place, called Jannah

By Samina,
Instagram: @saminaminaa  Twitter @beautyishijaab_

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