Then and Now


Written by ·deensister·

I feel sometimes like I’ve wasted my life
Striving so hard, yet lost so much time

Was empty inside with no boundaries or ties
Just pleasing people, satisfying my ego inside

I worshiped my lusts, was a slave of my desires
Imprisoned by my nafs (self) and controlled by my diseased heart

A jail within myself that I couldn’t let loose
My problem, invisible

It made me blind
Blind to reality, sharp sighted in fantasy

It was just like yesterday,
When my life was a mess

Today, Alhamdulillah for I know I am blessed
I know I have a purpose

I know I was made on purpose
My existence is not a mistake

I don’t live for anyone’s sake
I live because of Allah

My purpose is to serve Allah
His pleasure is my utmost concern
For he alone has brought me this far.


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