I pray


‘Allahu akbar’ the words flow out
He is the greatest.  There is no doubt.
I lift my hands to my ears
And surrender to the One who always hears

With that I enter a different universe
And stand with only Him to converse
I praise Him and ask His guidance to the straight path
And to be saved on the day of wrath

Then I bow down
In a position well renowned
How respectful when we see others do this snip
But we forget the beauty when we do it
A reminder of how small I am compared to His Mighty
‘Glory is to my Lord, the Most Almighty’

‘Allah has heard he who has praised Him’
From my eyes, the tears brim
Right now, Allah is hearing this
This opportunity to praise Him I cannot miss
‘Our Lord, all praise is due to You’
I am always amazed at how true

Then I prostrate in total submission
The closest to my lord in this great position
The only position that is done twice
How great must be its price
His glory I can never deny
“Glory is to my Lord, the most high”

What if this is my last?
Minutes pass
I try to make it my best
Just like everything else, it is a test
‘Assalamu Alikum wa rahmatuallah’ I say as I turn
And with that the prayer is adjourned

Source; Unknown


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