The Online Hijab



It is really troubling what we see our sisters do on social network, its like a whole other person. Let me get straight to the point here. Hijab is Hijab! Online and in life! It’s not enough that in real life you’re covered head to toe but on the internet it’s a different thing. Make no distinction my dear, its the same thing. But what does it mean to wear hijab online? Does it mean to upload pictures with the hijab on or what? Actually my dear, its a much more than just that;

1.Pictures: First of all my dear sister, answer this question; why do you upload pictures? Is it for recognisability, then what’s your name for? The truth of the matter is you and I upload pictures because we want attention, because we like the attention, we all do. But what sort of attention do we really want? and whose? Do we really need some non-mahram guy to tell us we’re beautiful? or that we look like an angel? Allah(SWT) called the muslim woman beautiful, that’s why He ordered her to cover.

You know how it’s said that when a muslimah goes out without hijab, for every eye that looks at her, she gets a share of the sin because she made it a possibility? Well its somewhat the same when she uploads pictures of hers. When you upload a picture, you’re obviously not going to choose one where you just woke up from bed, you’re going to choose one where you look nice, probably dressed up with make up on; and you know that non-mahram guys are going to view it or even save it. They get a sin for not lowering their gaze and you also get a sin for making that sin possible. If you went out with your hijab and he gazes at you, then it is his fault, but now you’re purposely posing for him to look at it.

Think about it, how many guys daily view your picture? Some may even use it as their profile pictures, you know what that means? More sins! Wallahi there are some evil men who have filthy thoughts when they view your picture and do evil things with your pictures.

If you don’t mind that the whole world should view your picture, then I’m sorry but your hayaa is not functioning properly my dear sister and hayaa is a branch of eeman.



Another issue that is of great concern is how our sisters interact so freely with guys over the internet. Highly inappropriate! This is one of the consequence of uploading pictures. A non-mahram starts making comments, saying inappropriate things, calling you ‘hot’ , ‘sexy’ , telling you how he can’t stop viewing your picture or how he’s been thinking of you all night long. Subhanallah, such foul talk, yet most of us would feel flattered at such comments.

Let me ask you, how would you feel if your parents were to view your facebook or twitter account? Or your Quran teacher? Or the prophet(SAW)? Then how do you forget that Allah(SWT) sees all?

Even the tone and language we use is inappropriate, we address some non-mahram guys as ‘dear’, ‘baby’, telling them how we miss them, using kiss and hug smileys with. In reality, would you call a guy that or use such words? Insha Allah you wouldn’t, so why would you do that on social networks? Allah(SWT)
commanded the believing woman.

‘….So do not be too soft in speech, lest someone having disease in his heart should develop fancies (about you);and speak with appropriate words’(Q33:32)

So you see, you’re provoking desires when you’re talking or chatting in such a manner.

My dear sister, I was once a victim of this, uploading pictures, enjoying the ‘oos’ and ‘aas’ ; but wallah I regret every minute of it and I’m still paying the price, having my pictures on random guys phone in far off places. It’s not pleasant at all and I can only hope that Allah(SWT) forgives me. So the earlier you repent the better!

My dear sister, you ARE beautiful! Allah has told you so and I’m also telling you. But this beauty of yours is a test, to see if you’ll guard it or flaunt it around. Don’t let the guys fool you with mere flattery, you’re much valuable than that. I think it’s a real dishonor to have random men viewing your beauty so easily like that.

I wrote this because I care about you and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I did .Think about the four greatest women; Khadija, Asiya, Maryam, Fatima, are we really following their footsteps? Would they put themselves on display like that?

My dear sister, fear Allah, remove those pictures,mind your language, don’t displease your maker for over a trivial matter. Remember that everything we do is recorded in our book of deeds. Practice the online hijab and may we all be together in jannah.


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  1. Truth of d matter is, one shd not even upload any pics at all, except wallpapers. D pics I once uploaded way back are still haunting me. N its so fruatrating dat those who use it wud tag my name 2d caption, so everyone goes “are you serious? Dat’s her???” I even had 2send facebook a msg dat I didn’t want to be tagged in any photo except wit my permission. Even DPs too shd nt carry our photos except once a blue moon. There are lots of beautiful wallpapers for us to use. Y spread fitnah and accumulate sins upon ursef? May Allah assist us,

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