An Emotional Journey back


The goal is to live in this world, as if I’m a passing traveler
Between my deen and my dunya, I strive to be a balancer
Put my fate in the one and only, who is the divine handler

I try my best each day, to remember the Sirat-al-Mustaqim
To fall out of heedlessness, and the illusions of a false dream
I seek only to be sitting in jannah, beside a beautiful stream

Make du’ah every day, to remain on the straight path
To seek Allah’s love, forgiveness, and to fear his wrath
I beg like a child, for all that’s under my wishing cap

Along the way there are times, I may fall in a trap
So I keep close to me, the Holy Qur’an like a strap
Make wudu to cleanse my sins, through a water tap

People are unjust here; they cheat and they deceive
But I know these are tests from my Lord, that I must receive
So I take a deep breath, and say alhamdu-lillahi-rabbil-alamin

Rumi says there is hidden mercy in suffering
But these painful thoughts; they are hovering
May Allah forgive me, for what I am not covering



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