‘Growing up’



I’m sure for almost everyone of us, there comes a time in our lives when we say ‘Growing up sucks!’ We long for our carefree childhood days, days where we had little or no responsibilities, days that our parents did all the thinking for us. Ya Allah! I think of those days and the future scares me even more.
I’m sure anyone reading this may think, ‘what has this old woman seen in her lifetime?’😄lol. Well sorry to burst your bubble, i’m still a young lady who hasn’t even started bearing serious responsibilities yet. So then why am i writing this?
Some few days ago, my friends and i went to visit another friend of ours who was observing her iddah period (she had lost her husband and was observing the 4 months and 10 days a muslimah is supposed to do). We had just come from seeing another friend…

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