Rekindle the flame; spirituality.


Its not the persistence in doing good deeds for some of us, in fact that may come easy for alot of ‘practicing muslims’. But is that what ‘practicing’ is? Just doing ‘it’ when you are supposed to and perhaps how you are supposed to? And by ‘it’ i mean all the acts of worship that have become for us-practicing muslims-like a set of monotonous robotic actions. Just pray five times everyday, fast mondays and thursdays of each week, and the list goes on. This is a ‘practicing muslim’ routine more often than not. Where is the spirituality? Where have we left the essence?

Realising that whatever we are commanded or obliged to do as muslims comes with a goal. “Verily, the prayer wards of al-fahsha (indecency) and al-munkar (evil deeds)…”{Quran} .

Does your salah have this effect or has it become like some aerobic session?

In the spirit of ramadan, ramadan is discussed.

Our ramadan begins with a vibe of utmost enthusiasm. For a few of us, it is the excitement of the tremendous reward and duah acceptance. For the lot of us, it is iftaar and all the other ‘ramadan activities’ that are unique to the month. But what is the real essence of it?

“..fasting is prescribed for you as it is described for those beforee you, that you may Attain Taqwa”{Quran}

While fasting, we observe that we are more conscious in everything, from what we say to what we hear or do and where and where not we allow our eyes gaze. The avoidance of food and drink, sexual desires, they make us more ‘in control’ of our base self. Teaching us self restraint and well, giving us a taste of ‘being human’.

Unfortunately, we have lost sight of this. The main aim of fasting and we have become ignorant-with knowledge-of the virtues of the month. And the greatest loser is he who enters ramadan and leaves it without gaining salvation. May Allah not make us of such.

So, rekindle that flame; find the spirituality.

Peace be upon those on the path of truth.

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