This Ramadan…Invest in your hereaftet


A slave of Allah

This Ramadan… I will invest in my hereafter.

When a man insulted the life of this world in the presence of ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Ali radiya Allahu anhu responded by saying, The dunya is an abode of truth for the one who is truthful in it; and it is an abode of safety for the one who understands it perfectly; and it is an abode of richness for the one who prepares his provisions in it. This dunya is the place where Allah’s revelation came down. And it’s the place where Allah’s Prophets prayed and bowed down. And it’s the marketplace for the allies of Allah… in this marketplace, they received Allah’s mercy, and earned His jannah.

We need to understand this word for what it truly is: Temporary, yes. Insignificant compared to the next life, yes. But this world is also our only chance to work for a…

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