The days of forgiveness are upon us


Written by ·Umm H·

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakatuhu…

10 days Gone…Ma sha Allaah…How time flies…
But how much of it have we made profit out of so far? Especially in this blessed time.
Obviously, we were all very enthusiastic about Ramadhaan in the beginning. As it is with every other thing normally, but what’s hard is keeping up that enthusiasm through till the end. Did I say hard? Only if we make it hard though!

Ramadhaan is all about Sabr-Patience, and a very integral aspect of that is Steadfastness.

The ability to carry-on and keep up with the good work!
*keep Moving Forward*

We know that this Month is Filled to the Brim with Goodies (Blessings, Mercy, Forgiveness)

Heaps of Ajr at our Disposal. You are permitted to be greedy here, as the days of forgiveness are upon us. The little good deeds we think insignificant are those that replace our many ‘small’ sins so to speak. So from zikr (remembrance of Allah) to sadaqah (charity), take advantage of these days to purify your soul. Seek forgiveness…keep moving forward.

My teacher would give the example of a thousand Naira bill falling off from the sky, who would ever get tired of grabbing ’em? Especially when you’re not Certain of having that opportunity again. And this is Far Beyond that in Comparison! SubhanAllaah.

We think we’re one-third gone, I say the Race has Only Just Begun.

May Allaah make it easy for us to Remain Steadfast in carrying out our acts of Ibaadah, and may He be Pleased with Us!




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