Ramadan tip #1


“Stay calm and Be not a ramadan muslim!”

Many of Us enter into Ramadan overly excited by the “multiplier idea”. I.E. The fact that the reward of voluntary deeds become that of obligatory deeds and that of obligatory deeds are multiplied 70 times over. Thus, we over burden ourselves and come middle of Ramadan, our energy, zeal and vigour is exhausted.

Stay calm and be not a ramadan muslim. Yes, Ramadan is a month of mercy. A month of mercy not a month of hypocrisy. Increase your deeds, “do not overburden yourselves, do what is within your ability.” Whatever you do, do with sincerity for your fasting and long nights in Qiyaam become useless without sincerity.
So, if you change in ramadan, don’t change for ramadan, rather change with sincerity, change for Allah, for the salvation of your soul.

Seek the mercy,
Seek the forgiveness,
Then, hope for the salvation, and leave ramadan as the you in ramadan.

Stay calm and be not a ramadan muslim!



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