Al-Insaan (mankind)


“Hal Ataa Alal InSaani Hiinun Minad-Dahri Lam Yakun Shay’an Mazkuurah!
There Surely came over man a period of Time when he was thing not worth Mentioning!

Innaa khalaqnaal Insaana min Nutfatan Amshaajin Nabtaliihi Faja’alnaahu Samii’am Baseerah!
Surely We have Created man from nutfah: We mean to try him, so We have made him hearing, seeing.”

•Allah tells us; that we used to be “unknown: a thing not worth mentioning..Out of existence” nd He made us Be, to test us, and gave us hearing & Sight..

And He continues;

“Innaa hadainaahus-Sabeela immaa Shaakiran wa immaa Kafoora!
Surely we have Shown him the way (guided him to the right path): so that he may be grateful or ungrateful (disbelieve)

Innaa A’atadnaa lil kaafiriina Salaasila wa aghlaalan wa sa’eera
Surely we have prepared for the unbelievers Chains and Shackles and a Burning Fire.

Inal Abraara yashraboona min ka’sin kaana mizaajuhaa kaafoora!
Surely the Righteous shall drink from the spring of kaafura ”

Ainay yashrabu biha ibaadullaahi yufajirunaha tafjira- a fountain from which the servants of Allah shall drink, they make its flow, a goodly flowing.

So, Allah then gives the Characteristics of the righteous when He says;

‘yuufuna bin nadhri’- They FULFILL their promises,

‘Wa yakhaafuna yauman kaana sharruhu mustadiira’ -and they FEAR a day whose evil is wide spreading

‘Wa yud imunad da’aama ala hubbihi’-and they give food out of LOVE for Him

Miskinaw wa yatiimaw wa asiiraa-
To the needy, the orphans and the wayfarers (the captive)

Their Reason;

Inna ma nud imukum li wajhillah-
we feed you seeking the countenance of Allah

Laa nuriidu minkum jazaa aw walaa shukuura-
we Desire NOT from you any reward nor thanks

Inna nakhafu mir rabbinaa yawman abuusan qam dariira-
we Fear from our Lord a day which is stern and distressful

Fa wa qaahumullahu sharra zalikal yaum-
so Allah will guard them from the evil of that day

Wa laqqaaahum nadratan wa surura-and he will cause them to meet with happiness and ease

Wa jazaa hum bima sabaruu jannatan wa hariira-
and He rewards them for their PATIENCE with Jannah and silk garments..

[Surah Al insaan 76/1-12]


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