When a new year approaches we all rush and write down resolutions and drop bad habits and pick up good ones, Ramadan is upon us Alhamdulillah but do we grab this opportunity and use it well? Do we understand Ramadan? Ramadan comes once in a year and before you realize it, it is gone and you are left dazed wondering what just happened (I haven’t made enough Duas) and that is very hurtful when it happens.

This Ramadan I want you to adopt the attitude of being a “Talk active’’, breathe before you judge that statement please breathe. In this sense, I want you to adopt the attitude of talking a lot to Allah in every chance you get to do that. Duas is the weapon of a believer, Allah is so merciful he hears us before we speak but he still wants us to pour our heart to him.

When you are talking/confiding to your best friend, you cry, you say everything so why is it so hard to talk to your creator. Allah has given us so many chances for our Duas to be accepted, last hour of the night, when it rains, after Salah, right before you break your fast and many more all that is left is for you to open your heart.

If you must, write everything you want down and revise them and prioritize, then tell Allah why you want these things and how they would benefit you. Then find quiet time and place and talk to Allah, you can cry, you can be in Sujuud, just be in a Halal State and with a Pure mind.

“Duas change Destiny’’ all you have to do is say, what is holding you back? This Ramadan, I want all of us to employ these actions with positive and confident minds and In Sha Allah we would get positive results, Remember myself and everyone else in your Humble Duas,

Ramadan Mubarak

Fatimah Gimsay

Sister Sister Online Magazine- http://www.ssisters.com , @SisterSisterOnl


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