How often do you remember Allah?


Assalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:
“Allah the Most High says,’I am with my slave when he thinks of Me and I am with him when he mentions Me…’- Bukhari and Muslim

How often do we remember Allah ?

The truth is that hearts attached to material possessions and material aspirations have little capacity to remember Allah.
How can they !?
Each second we are given the opportunity to have Allah with us, never to be alone.
Never to be powerless.
Each and every second we have this opportunity and yet…
We worry about small insignificances.
One of the things that you’ll notice as you kill your whims,
as you let your desires go, is that your mind becomes quiet.
At first it’s a little unsettling.
You’re so used to the chaos and the commotion,
and now there’s just peace and tranquility.
Then you release the fearthat results from not knowing quite what to do inthat silence.
And you realise that your heart wants to remember it’s Creator.
If you think that sounds too magical and perfect,
check this out: The Prophet, peace be upon him,and his companions used to put a stone in their mouths,
whilst they were in the toilet,
so that their lips wouldn’t move in remembrance of Allah in that context…as this has been prohibited.
It’s not a force of habit, as is commonly explained.
No. It’s the force of a nun-inhibited heart.
Many of the Whims-I-Kill members email me a few months into the program to tell me that they’ve experienced something similar.
Ramadan is coming up,and you can really amplify your ability to get closer to Allah in this month.
Again, you’ll get Journey Through The Quran for free.
It will take your mind and heart through the 30 ajza’ of The Quran over 30 days, you’ll become intimate with it:
In tomorrow’s email
I’ll explain the verse of The Quran that states that man was born in toil.


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