“The believer is a mirror to the believer.”


This hadith of the prophet (saw) teaches us a lot about ourselves and each other. The prophet (saw) gives us metaphors so that we can reflect.

First, in order for anyone to improve, they’d have to see their reflection. Unless you see where your deficiences are, you won’t be able to fix them. Getting another perspective from another brother or sister can serve as this reflection to show what needs to be improved.

Second, when you see a flaw in your reflection in the mirror, you don’t reach for the mirror to fix it, you reach for yourself. When someone gives you advice, don’t try to react to them with the advice-concentrate on what’s being told to you and realize it’s being said for a reason.

Third, the mirror reflects truthfully. Doesn’t hide anything, nor does it exaggerate. An honest and accurate reflection, free from anger or emotion, is a key component to improving yourself.

Fourth, when you see the reflection and there are flaws, don’t punch the mirror. Also, the mirror doesn’t smack a person in the face. The delivery and acceptance of the advice should be in a manner that has a manners, is respectful, and is sincere.

Lastly, when the person improves and fixes their issues, the mirror reflects the changes and lets go of the previous image. Mirrors can’t hold grudges, they move on and show the latest reflection.

{By Abdelrahman Murphy on abdelrahmanm.tumblr.com }

So, get a mirror before ramadan. Seek a reflection, take note of your deficiences and flaws. What you may need to improve and take them with you through ramadan. Let ramadan be your moment of change, your moment of transition. So aim to leave ramadan with as a better person and be sure that your mirror is able to reflect the new you.

Happy ramadan prep-ing!


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