Things you could do when on the ‘break’


Assalaamu aliakum wa rahmatullah, its less than two weeks until ramadan. For some sisters, even though we prepare so hard to reap the blessings and virtues of Ramadan, we always have that ‘dip’ when we’re off and cut back on most ibaadah.

For this, we have below a few things you could do to keep the vibe on even when you’re ‘off’

1) Read a translation of the Quran and/or a tafsir book. This will help you remain connected with the Quran

2) Make du’ah and spend time engaging in zikr

3) Listen to the Qur’an or recite from memory or read from a soft copy

4) Read islamic books

5) Attend religious classes

6) Increase your da’awah activities

7) Give charity and think of ways of encouraging others to give charity

8) Offer to baby-sit for someone who has children and may want to go for taraweeh

9) Offer to help out with taking care of children at the mosque while others pray

10) Help around at home with the intention of gaining thawab

11) Try to find out about islamic activities going on in your local area and try and get involved with organising them

12) Try and feed as many fasting people as you can-go to places that organise mass iftars and offer to help or give sadaqah towards it.

   Remember, its the intention that matters most.

Culled from; ameena’s ramadan diary



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