Social project plan for Ramadan


When we think of Ramadan preparations, we normally think of individual preparations for ourselves, our families, and our work/school life. But what if we could expand our preparation circle a bit and ask what we can do to those around us: our neighbours, district, relatives, city, and Ummah at large?You might say, “Well, I donate to good causes every year inRamadan, doesn’t that count as a social project?!” That’s not what I’m suggesting. I’m suggesting that you physically get involved with a good deed that helps others this Ramadan.

How do you go about this? Simply, follow these 3 steps below:
1. Brainstorm with your family/friends on what exactly you’lltarget to help this year: Will it be the orphans at the orphanage?Iftars for those stuck in traffic at Maghreb time? Helping out atthe masjid? Giving dawah about Islam and Muslims in your citycenter? Helping to collect old mus-hafs from your family andfriends and refurbishing them before donating them? Anythingreally. Just aim for something you’re really passionate about!

2. Set a plan of HOW you’ll help those whom you intend to help:What time will you do this work during Ramadan? Who do you need tocontact? How will you involve others? How will you arrangetransportation? Who’s paying for expenses?..etc.

3. Take ACTION NOW before Ramadan starts: make sure you informthose whom you’ll help or whose help you’ll need with your projectto be ready. Get everything in order now before Ramadan starts. Getthe necessary sponsorships, etc.With the above 3 steps taken, inshaAllah, when Ramadan starts,you’ll simply hit the ground running with your socially productiveproject.

Abu Productive

P.S. You might think that the above is a lot of work, but trust me,you’ll enjoy every minute of it. I promise you, it’ll make yourRamadan special.

P.P.S. If you do a social project this Ramadan, share it with meplease. I’d love to know what you get up to!

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