Practical tips on Ramadan


Written by ·Abu Productive·

Tip #1; READ
Read a chapter on fasting from any well-known Islamic Fiqh book.There are many in the market, but the most popular fiqh book is abook called Bulugh Al-Maram by Imam Ibn Hajr Asqalani (773H-852H)and it has the rulings regarding fasting from the major schools ofFiqh in Islam. If you find this book technical, I suggest you gothrough the bits you don’t understand or not sure about with yourlocal imam/scholar. Make sure you don’t start Ramadan without youbeing clear about all the issues you normally are not clear aboutregarding fasting. This will save you tons of hours of confusionand doubt.

Write down at least 10-20 pages of duas you want to make foryourself, your family/friends, and Ummah. This tip was shared withme by Sh.Muhammad Al-Shareef in a recent interview I held with himand I found it really useful. Do this exercise with your spouse andchildren and it’ll be a great bonding experience. You might thinkit’s hard to come up with 1 page of dua even, but really believethat you’re asking the King of All Kings, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and He’ll grant you what you wish, so ask and never be shyor think “it’s too much!”.

Practice fasting! Yes, practice to fast during this last monthbefore Ramadan. If you want to avoid the headaches and hunger pangsof the first days of Ramadan, fasting during these last few weeksbefore Ramadan would get you physically :).

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