How Can Anyone Be Bored?!



For a long time, I have been amazed at how people ever become bored. It has always puzzled me. My amazement turns to helplessness when I find myself unable to articulate why boredom amazes me. I end up saying something like this: How can ANYONE be bored?!

Then I repeat it: How can anyone be BORED in this life?!
Unfortunately that is neither an argument nor an accurate description of my thoughts. Some, I hope, understand the rhetoric question. Why is it people always claim to be bored when I think there’s far too much to do and too little time. For instance, I am without a job, yet I find there isn’t enough time in a day. On the other hand I find many people (some even work) saying they are bored. Let us assume they are telling the truth and not simply creating small talk. Many that claim…

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