“Don’t Judge Me” Syndrome


Written by ·Fatimah G·

“Fear the death of your heart, not of your body”
50% of the Teenage population has become so educated they can not differenciate from “Judging” and “Advising”. Their hearts are so dead and they live with the term “Ignorance is Bliss”. I am not a Doctor or a student of medicine but I am going to list out some symptoms of the Syndrome, first and foremost, experience is the best Teacher so I am writing according to my own personal experience and my own utterances so if this offends anyone I am truly sorry. You might suffering from the Syndrome if when advised you always utter :
1. Don’t Judge me, Allah will (well yes of course he will)

2. I am trying (doing nothing isn’t “trying”)

3. I still have time (you don’t postpone parties and etc or do you?)

4. You don’t know my story (we don’t have to)

5. Nobody is perfect ( Nobody was made to be perfect)

6. Intentions matter (we need to understand the intention behind a half nude picture or a party at the club)

7. Islam is Hard and too strict (Have you tried understanding it)

8. YOLO (can you not)

9. I always Retweet islamic quotes (do you act upon them :s)

10. We all can’t be the same (but you strive to be like celebrities?)

Many more utterances, the point is when you are too defensive for something you know is clearly wrong that’s the biggest symptom. Intentions of course matter but there’s a difference in a sister that struggles to wear the Hijab(with the intentions of wearing it someday) and a sister that goes YOLO on being told to wear the Hijab.
“Keep trying till the end, if you fail just know its not the end”
Many of us teenagers don’t even try not to talk of failing, we don’t try but we get so upset and defensive when we are being advised that is why when we see people covered from head to toes we assume they are “Sahabahs” forgetting we all once had the same level of Faith before but some keep climbing the ladder while others stare at the ladder believing they can teleport to the top just like that.
This Article isn’t to judge anyone or insult anyone but just discussing an everyday experience. God knows best and May he Guide us 🙂


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