Qalbeen Saleem; A pure heart.



Written by ·Fatima Adam·

The day of Qiyaamah was described as:  “yauma La yanfa’u maalun wa Laa banuun, Illaa man Ataa Allaahu bi Qalbin Saleem-The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone except he who will come to Allah with the Qalbin Saleem (A pure heart)” [Suratul Shu’ara 87-89]

 Now, we all want Allaah’s mercy on that day, we all hope for it…and we’re told now that none of our worldly acquisitions will benefit us,…not the wealth nor the children…everyone’s on his own…but that there is something, that will help us on that day,…and that is the ‘Qalbin Saleem’…

We weren’t given a direct english translation for this phrase, as the Ulama have interpreted it in different ways based on their understanding…

*Abdullah bin Abbas, Mujaahid, Qataadah, Ibn Sireen and many others (Radiy’Allaahu Anhuma) are of the opinion that ‘Qalbin Saleem’ is a heart that is absolutely free from Kufr (disbelief) and Nifaaq (hypocrisy).A heart free from Kibr (pride), Hasad (jealousy) and Hiqd (hatred).  “A Calm, Clean heart, that Has not engaged in association of partnership with the Maker” [mufti menk]

* A Khaalis (sincere) heart [Qurtubi]. This heart has also been described as a heart which, due to extreme love for Allah and His Rasool (Sal’Allaahu Alayhi wa Sallam), leads to total obedience to Allah and the teachings of His Rasool. 

The Salaf (pious predecessors) used to say:  “The heart is the king of the limbs and the rest of the limbs are its soldiers; they always obey him by implementing his instructions and they never disobey him in any regard.  (Remember) when the king is pious, his soldiers will also be pious.  Similarly, when the king is sinful, his soldiers will also be sinful.” (Jaami-ul-Uloom wal-Hikam)

Sa’eed bin Musayyab explains that the Arabs very often used the word ‘Saleem’ in the meaning of ‘Ladeegh’ (one who was bitten by a snake or scorpion) and this is exactly the case in the phrase Qalbin Saleem. 

(Ruh-ul-Ma’aani) The Qalbin Saleem is also the heart which, due to extreme fear for Allah, is like the heart of a person who has just been bitten by a scorpion. 

(Qurtubi) In the words of Abu Bakr ibn-ul-Arabi, it is a heart that is “burnt and stung with fear (for Allah). 

Some commentators of Hadith claim that the group of people who will enter Jannah because “their hearts are like the hearts of the birds” (Muslim) refer to people whose hearts are overwhelmed with fear for Allah.

The Criteria for attaining this purity of the heart are (as mentioned previously); This is an explanation based on my limited understanding..Firstly,–» the heart should be Devoid of Kufr. 

This requires one to establish firm belief in Allaah, His Oneness, Might and Greatness. He as Our Creator, and By Who’s will  that we shall all be Called to Account for Our Deeds, and On Destiny nd Pre-decree, ‘Qada wa Qadar’.The heart Should have knowledge about Allaah, and His attributes and

Thus Contain Fear of Allaah alongside Hope in His mercy..Secondly,–» the heart should be free from Hypocrisy.Hypocrisy entails; ‘Lying in Speech, betraying Trusts and Breaking Promises’ So, the heart should be free from all of these. 

And the heart should be one that is conscious of Allaah at any situation and is not two-faced…like; this way with this set of people and that way with others.And Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’alah Says; ‘And of mankind, there are some (hypocrites) who say: ‘we Believe in Allaah and the Last Day’ while in fact they believe not….’In their hearts is a disease (of doubt and hypocrisy) and Allaah has increased their disease.

A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies.” (Surah 2. Al-Baqarah; Ayah 8  tested in different ways. And Allaah is never unjust. A hadith that supports this is “None of You truly believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves from himself” (muslim) 
—» Free From Hatred. For a heart to be Completely pure, it should not contain any hatred. Rather, it should be filled with love and mercy…Kindness and Compassion…For if not for the Common faith, atleast for Our Common Humanity.

Lastly, A Criteria that probably summarizes all the others listed…The heart Should be ‘Sincere’ (Khaalis)…Allaahu Akbar!Sincerity to Allaah, to Oneself and to Others, free from hypocrisy, or any form of falsehood…a heart that is True and Real.

A certain individual was Described to have Possessed this type of Heart…Nabi Ibrahim (Alayhi Salaam)…The Prophet with the Highest Status after Muhammad (SalAllaahu Alayhi wa Sallam)…This Amazing man had, from a very young age understood the need to worship Only One (His maker) and that He would face a lot of trials as he gets closer to His maker. 

Brought up admist those who worship idols, His father being the maker, and seller of these idols infact, He had no fear for them at all.Left with them alone, any child in his position would not have even dared to come near to them, much less talk to them or even break them.

But he did. Because he feared nothing, knowing that He had a Rabb, a maker, The Only One who can save him.

He understood life as a test, and as one who was closest to his Rabb his test was going to be even Greater. He had One Challenge after the Other, but never looked at them as though they were problems, but as beautiful tests from Allaah through which he would gain closeness to Him. And this is related to the saying of the prophet; ‘it is when Allaah loves a Slave that He puts tests in his life’ and another narration says, ‘the greater the test, the greater the reward’. And When he (Ibrahim) was called and questioned by the King Nimrod, whom Allaah had granted some authority…and He had asked him ‘who do u worship?’ and he (Ibrahim, Alayhi Salaam) said, ‘I worship the One who gives life and takes it’…to that the King replied, ‘well I give life and I can take’ and sent for two prisoners, one of whom he instructed to be killed and the other to be freed…SubhanAllaah…Amazed at the extent of his foolishness, ibrahim Alayhi Salaam said, ‘I worship the One who Causes the Sun to Rise from the East,..Cause it to rise from the west (if u can) and I shall worship you’…and He (Nimrod) was defeated completely…
And the Courage this Young boy had to debate with a king, sprung forth out of fearlessness for anything other than Allaah…Because he had that Firm, Clean heart…the ‘Qalbin Saleem’…[If we are to discuss the lessons from Story of prophet ibrahim in full, it will be sufficient as an explanation; but it would also be a long read so let’s move on in sha Allaah…:)]

So, Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’alah in His infinite mercy, has granted every child a ‘Qalb As Saleem’ (A sound heart).

This means that we were all given Sound hearts upon birth. Whenever we disobey Allaah, we are slowly destroying that sound heart, slowly injuring it, until in the process it gets killed! SubhanAllaah…But upon repentance, the injury of the heart starts to recover, and it takes some time till its fully recovered…(and that is what we all hope for in sha Allaah; full recovery of our hearts that they become Sound and pure again) In other words, the more we disobey Allaah the more injury we cause to our hearts. None of us disobeys Allaah except that He is killing his own soul,…its like suicide and we do not even realize it…we are slowly killing our souls daily by the sins that we accummulate and the only Cure is sincere Taubah, Repentance, and then avoidance of the Sins.

All what has been mentioned previously add up to form what will ‘make or break’ our hearts…(In their presence or absence)…Like we mentioned, Nifaq (hypocrisy), jealousy, hatred, kufr, etc…we need to eliminate them…and sincerity (ikhlas), love for one another for the Sake of Allaah, Taqwa (Consciousness of Allaah), etc…we need to inculcate them…So that we can (in sha Allaah) recover the Soundness of our hearts and meet Allaah with Such hearts ‘Qalbin Saleem’.

We ask Allaah to Grant us Hearts that are Submissive to His will, Firm, Clean, Soft and Pure Hearts, ‘Qalb As Saleem’…We Ask Him for Increase in Imaan, Taqwa and ikhlaas and that He makes us and our families of those Who will be enveloped in His Mercy on that Day. Aameen.

For any wrong statement or mistake I have made, it is from my imperfection, my nafs and Shaytaan…And All Good comes from Allaah.

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