Resolution; make one.


Written by ·Fatima Adam·

Besides ultimately seeking the forgiveness of Allaah every now and again, we need to seek the forgiveness of people wallahi..Because wallahi, real loosers are those who go on the day of judgement after having fasted, having prayed, gone for hajj, given charity and everything…but come bankrupt, yes bankrupt! On the day of judgement because we stepped on the rights of others…
Because we backbite others, slandered, misappropraited their rights and what not…What loss that’ll be, So great indeed!

And knowing it is only so possible that we sleep nd never wake up…and we’re left with what we’ll give or take on that day! Give or take in the sense that, giving out the few ‘good deeds’ we’ve worked so hard to pile up, because we’ve wronged someone…or take their bad deeds from them, because we were too proud to seek forgiveness while we had the opportunity.

And better yet, why can’t we just avoid this altogether? Take this decision today and Now, never to intentionally, knowingly step on the rights of others, even those who have wronged you…let us decide to take the route of forgiveness, forgive everyone for everything coz we can never, EVER forgive anyone more than ALLAH has forgiven Us!!

And doing that, we are anticipating, slowly becoming worthy of the mercy and forgiveness of Allaah and that of people!

Let us take this resolve to Protect ourselves, respect ourselves, love ourselves enough to not punish ourselves by taking up the bad deeds of others or dashing out ours, by backbiting, taunting, speaking ill of others, even IF we think they deserve it, no matter what!

Let us take this resolve to leave off matters that do not concern us, matters that do not benefit us, matters that do us no good, matters that bring doubt to our hearts…

Finally, let us take this resolve to leave everyone to worry about their deeds and not judge, be kind to everyone…do as much as we can, try our best and be sincere to Allaah, and to ourselves…

Never offend or get offended, take this Dunya as it is ‘Light’…’Insignificant’ and leave everything to Allaah…for in the end, it is only by the mercy of Allaah and not our actions that we attain Success…


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